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allergic conjunctivitis or...?

I am 24, F. Yesterday my left eye began to swell and I have a unilateral fullness sensation around the eye and heaviness on the left side of my head. I thought it was related to my allergies. But now I do not know if I have allergies either. My nose is runny (only on the left side), with really bad itching, sneezing and burning and clear discharges. I have been having these allergy-like symptoms on and off for 3 weeks. My left eye has been affected. It is red, and has watery discharges. I do not have any photophobia, itching, headache, or sore throat. What is this? I am beginning to think my brain is swelling. Thank you.
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replied May 2nd, 2013
Hi Sairah, I suffer from Allergic Conjunctivitis and I have symptoms just like yours. Though it isn't too dangerous, it can be pretty irritating. I had myself checked at Advanced Eye Hospital and now my allergies don't trouble me too much.
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