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all teeth removed

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I'm having all my teeth taken out in 2 weeks in hospital under general anesthetic (28 teeth including 3 wisdom). I'm just wandering what I'm possibly in for. Will I be severely swollen and bruised, or will it not be that bad. Is it really hard to talk without teeth?
I'm waiting 6 to 8 weeks to have dentures made.Any information would be greatly welcomed, as I don't have a clue what to expect
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replied May 4th, 2010
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Hi dbromley,

Whereas, I have not had all of my teeth removed, needless to say this would viewed as major dental surgery. You are in for a new experience and although, you didn't say as to why you are having to have all your teeth extracted, one would think it is due to gum disease or some medical condition.

On that note you will be better health wise. Your mouth will look very different until you get your new false teeth in place. There will be some swelling but there shouldn't be any brusing if so it shouldn't appear from the outside. You will be given plenty of pain medicine to keep you comfortable. For the first 24 hours your mouth will be packed with gauze to maximize the bleeding. When you awake from the anesthetic, your jawls will have a ace pack that is held on with something that looks like a stretch band to hold it in place. The ice packs will be taken off and replaced every 20 minutes for the first day. You will be given antibotics to prevent infections. Usually you will be kept overnight for observations. If everything goes well, you will be released with complete instructions as to how and when to take your medications and what you can and can't eat and drink. You will also be given some mouth wash to rinse daily. Just remember, your mouth will look sort of drawn in because you no longer have teeth which gives your mouth the current shape it now has. You will have to eat like a 9 month old baby...soft, easy digestible foods until your gums are healed. You will do just fine, just follow your doctors instructions and what it says on the information that he will send home with you.

Let us know how well you did ok?

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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