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I'm 19 years old, 6ft 2, and I weigh 190lbs. I've tried cardio, weights, diets, and supplements nothing seems to work. So one day while surfing the web I came across a detox option that promised to help reduce not only my weight but also stress, I couldn't believe these claims so I bought it to see if it could help and I'm glad to say from just one cup the weight has already stared to subside. The product is called red tea, it's ingredients include super foods and all kinds of helpful herbs. I contacted the seller and she said I could promote this product I wanted to as this actually helped me loose 14lbs in one week. She provided a link to get a 17$ discount just to help you further. /?cbitems=2.1&cbskin=20480&cbfid=3 3577&cbexit=58

I'm glad to say with the help of this product so far I've lost 30lbs in just two weeks. Hope this helps all you with your weight loss goals, best of luck.
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