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"All Natural" food: why/why not?


I'm trying to eat healthier and thinking that switching my diet to "all natural" might be the way to go, considering I'm taking small steps and don't necessarily have the wallet to take the leap to "organic." However, I hear a lot of skepticism when it comes to labeling products as "100% Natural," or "All Natural." It'd be nice if brands could just tell it to us straight. But what do you think is the standard? Are there brands people out there trust as being true to their word? What are they doing/what can I look for? I'd love it if brands could just put their ingredient list on the front of the package so it's not a scavenger hunt when I try to figure out what I'm eating. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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replied March 18th, 2011
Just eat veggetables fresh or froze, fruit fresh or frozen, meat fresh (no sausages and similar things), whole grains (it's listed on the label and tastes significanlty different then procesed grains, grains are - oatmeal, rice, pasta, cereals are not whole grains even if it is writen on the label, it has to be 100 % whole)and drop sweets and junk food. Also many spices have artifical ingrediens, it is listed on the box. A good rule is - if it has breathed eat it, if it grew out the ground eat it. Nuts and seeds are also good. Hope I helped, you won't figure out this "nutrtiino thing" in just 2 days but learn everyday a little and don't get caught up in trying to follow fancy diets but make a real lasting diet change eating generally healthy foods. 1 or 2 cheat meals a week is ok.
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