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All getting too much!

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Life is very stressful right now.

After 9 months of being unemployed and having a relationship in bits I thought I'd finally got everything back on track. Relationship is great now and we're looking to the future and I have a job now and am very happy with where I am in that respect.

Until I have just been charged with drink driving. Honest mistake and thought I'd left it enough time and felt sober. Long story short is that I have grounds to a defence which my solicitor seems to think i have a good chance of winning. Negative is its gonna cost me alot of money and I don't get paid much.

Frightened I'm gonna lose my relationship of I lose my licence as I won't be able to do the things I normally can. Money is stressing me out because i don't think I'm going to have enough to survive the month with the solicitors bill but if I don't have the solicitor I can kiss goodbye to my licence and things will be alot worse.

Appreciate I was in the wrong but it was an honest mistake and I thought I was ok to drive. Money worries and this are just stressing the hell out of me and I can't think about anything else!

Don't know how to escape my own mind Sad
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