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All from anxiety??

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I am a 25 year old female and have been having lots of physical symptoms for a few years now. It seems like something new everyday and its all on my left side. From head to toe: chronic headaches accompanied by pain behind my left eye. I take about 1200-1800 mg of Mortin a day to semi-manage the pain. I has gotten to the point that I have had to stop wearing contacts because it makes the pain much worse. This has been going on about a year. Sometimes it is accompanied by left side facial numbness and my husband has noted me slurring at these times as well. Chronic sore throat with swollen cervical glands. Approximatly 3 weeks. Left sided pelvic pain, frequent cramps that radiate to my back making it difficult to even walk at times. Approximatly 3 years. Along side several bouts of diarrhea, once a week or so. Constant nausea and heart burn. Frequent dizzyness, weakness, fatuige. I have been to an Optomologist; nothing. OB; endometriosis which was removed. GI; "increase in mast cells" found with a colonoscopy and egd (still waiting on other test results), GERD, 3 spots of a "twisted colon" (I apologize, I forget what they called it), and a hiatal hernia, I also had ulcers starting at age 11. I take Prilosec once to twice a day, occasional Pepto and/or Zantac, occasional Immodium, have to sleep sitting up frequetly, and lots of other occasional homeopathic "remedies" to try and control these symptoms. My symptoms are everywhere but overall, most test have been normal. But I do have a history of anxiety. I was once "diagnosed" as having pure-o OCD, and have been stuggling with anxiety since my childhood. I havent seen many doctors or specialist because I work in a hospital and see all of them all the time and often hear comments about "hypocondriacs" and "drug seekers" and generally anyone that they can not find the causes of the symptoms for. Given that I appear healthy, I am affraid to be judged by my co-workers. I have a lot on my plate; school, work, kids, and I am starting to think maybe the answer for my symptoms would be seeing a psychiatrist but I am not sure that ALL of these symptoms would be caused by anxiety. I know stress can do many things to your body but ALL of this?? Since I am clearly anxious about being "dubbed", and it even possibly effecting my future carreer, I wanted to ask someone that I do not see on a daily basis before going any further.
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replied April 10th, 2011
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