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Alcohol Abuse Effects On Teens

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The alcohol abuse effects on teens are innumerable and perilous. Drinking is becoming a seriously destructive habit with the youngsters. There are extensive researches, studies and latest published reports to prove that around 40% of the youth populace initiate alcohol drinking by the time they are merely 15. It is proven that these teens have a severe tendency to develop alcohol dependency in their lifetime. This is not all. There are other startling statistics available. One of the recent studies on the alcohol abuse effects on teens reflect, that teenagers that drink habitually by the time they turn 14, risk a 50/50 likelihood of becoming an alcoholic in their adulthood.

In contrast, only 9% of the individuals who begin drinking when they are 21 years or above have a chance of developing alcoholism during some point in their lifetime. It can be concluded that the alcohol abuse effects on teens depend on the age of initiation of drinking. The earlier they start, the higher the chance of becoming an alcoholic later in life. This is of course a frightening statistics. Unfortunately, everyday the number is increasing.

Alcohol dependency is not the only problem among the major alcohol abuse effects on teens. In fact teenagers that have serious drinking problems have much higher tendency of smoking cigarettes and/or drug abuse. This practice can directly lead to another lifelong habit of substance abuse and addiction. This can severely damage the quality of life and permanently prevent the person from leading a healthy and happy life. Alcoholism is often blamed to be the precursor of depression and various mental illnesses, teens should stay away from this fatal habit at any cost.

To find an end to the alcohol abuse effects on teens the victims should choose an appropriate solution to safeguard them from a life of alcoholism. The solution depends on the individual’s family atmosphere, social environment and different aspects. The treatment of alcoholism should begin with the teenagers and children being told and made conscious about the alcohol abuse effects. Parents, authorities and peers should keep an eye on alcohol and drug abuse. To minimize the alcohol abuse effects on teens they must communicate through the listing on the menu bars. The parents should be sympathizing enough to participate in one on one discussion about the deadly effects of alcohol abuse.

Drinking is accepted as a part of this culture. So, we take time to realize the alcohol abuse effects on teens. It is already late when they become alcohol dependent. Alcoholic individuals run a major risk of different health problems. And in most of the cases the alcohol abuse effects on teens lead to mental and dangerous behavioral traits. The effects pose different kinds of detrimental side effects on the teens’ growing bodies and developing brain. Early age alcohol consumption can severe long term effects such as weak hand and eye coordination, memory loss, pancreas inflammation, cancer, cirrhosis and stroke among others. The alcohol abuse effects on teens have more implications like drunken driving, car accident, depression as well as contracting different sexually transmitted diseases as a result of dangerous sexual behavior.

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replied October 25th, 2011
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According to researches done by the National Institute of Health, drinking is the substance of choice among young people. Among 12 to 20 years old, around 18% of the total population admit to engaging in binge drinking and 6% in heavy drinking. Underage drinking is a big factor in teenage death, injuries, and risky behavior such as sexual promiscuity, violence, and others.

There comes a point in teens' lives when parents feel that their influence is considerably less important than it used to be. While it's true that there are many strong influences in teens' lives, the influence of their parents still play an important part on how they will form their own decisions. Teens are always looking at parents' words, decisions, and actions. They take cues from this along with other strong influences coming from peers and other role models.

Whether teens will end up struggling with alcoholism down the line often relies on how parents respond to discovering their teens' underage drinking.

source: Punishments for Teens Caught Drinking Alcohol
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replied December 18th, 2013
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DO recognize that a sugar addiction often leads into a alcohol addiction. If you are addicted to sugar your body is getting it from a variety of sources, including alcohol. So, what you THINK is a temptation to drink alcohol is OFTEN just your body craving sugar.
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