Hello, during the months of May, June and July my aathma kicks up to where I need to use my albuterol everyday.

My questions is, is one puff a day for this period too much? What sort of damage can it cause?

It seems to be the only thing that works. I do not tolerate long lasting steriod meds well and I am alredy on Singulair.

I usually take it once in the morning or in the evening and on some days I do take one puff in the morning and one more in the evening, but usually just on puff a day.

Any advice?

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replied May 31st, 2008
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My son has asthma and when he was on albuterol (before they changed him to flovent) he had to use it twice a day as well. His doctor actually said that this was okay to do. Albuterol is a fast acting inhaler and is to be used as such so if you feel you need it, then you probably do. My son was prescribed two puffs as needed for asthma sypmtoms.
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