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Airy condom?

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So, I just recently (within the past week) have became a non virgin and i have a few questions. Yes, i'm safe and my boyfriend uses a condom AND the pull out method haha he's super paranoid. But, I am not one that has gotten in to the whole masturbation thing, and so when i get wet... i get wett! Well, whenever he goes in sometimes it will make a farting noice and we both laugh cause its just so awkward kinda, he thinks its the condom but i have no idea, cause later when were done my stomach gets crampy like i have gas. like is that from him pulling out quickly or what?
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replied July 20th, 2011
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The sound is called a queef or a vart (vaginal fart). Your vagina is like a pipe, his penis is like a piston moving up in the pipe and compressing the air at the top. It can only go out one way, and that is what you are hearing.

Laughing about it is exactly the right response.

Wetness and masturbation does not have anything todo with each other. The wetness is plasma squeezed from the cells in your vaginal wall when it engorge with blood. It is a sign that you are aroused and getting ready for penetration. You get wet so that friction does not burn you. Can you imagine his penis in your vagina without some wetness to make it slippery? I think it will be the end of the human race as everybody will be too sore to have sex.

Masturbation is about learning about your body, sexual response and what you like in safety and privacy. Most women will not learn to orgasm until they can figure it out for themselves during masturbation.

During sex all sorts of things happen in your body. One thing is that your uterus moves. It lifts up inside your body. During orgasm, waves of contractions goes through your uterus. This is part of the pleasure you feel deep inside you. This can cause cramping. In this process, his penis can also bump into your cervix. This can also cause some cramping and bruising.

It is not from him pulling out quickly.

I know you said that you do not masturbate, but one way of finding out what is causing the cramping is to figure out if masturbation is causing it as well.
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replied July 20th, 2011
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since u r young and probably super vigorous u might try slowing down or u being on top so u set the pace
for the cramps u might just take a acetaminophen which is generic for Tyenol and add a ibuprofen which is generic for Advil
and for being WET, enjoy it while u can
good luck
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replied July 21st, 2011
Thank you both very much for your responses! I will try slowing it down and learning my pace and what I like. thank you again!
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