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Aging Treatment

Aging Treatment
What is Aging?
Causes and Risk Factors

Aging treatment
Getting older provides us with an opportunity take steps to affect how we age. A good deal can be accomplished by following our doctor's advice. In addition to medications and treatments for specific disorders or diseases, preventative care is one of the best steps we can take. Treatment goals for aging include:

  1. Maintaining independence in later life (as is possible)
  2. Improving quality of life
  3. Delaying the onset of disorders and diseases that accompany aging

Preventative care can be accomplished with a healthy diet, regular activity and enough sleep. It may be difficult to begin implementing several new habits, especially if the habits have been with us for so long. Make small steps in the areas that your doctor thinks are most important to your health. Doctors particularly recommend the following preventative measures for people aging:

  • Active mental life to counter affect the effects of memory loss
  • Adequate sleep
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes most days of the week
  • Healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Healthy weight maintenance
  • Quit smoking
  • Regular checkups and health screenings
  • Socialize or volunteer in order to help ward off depression or anxiety, and to impart your knowledge to others

Aging is an inevitable process of life. How proactive we are in maintaining our heath is extremely important. By following your doctor's advice, and by filling your life with healthy activities such as socializing, reading the newspaper, and exercising, you can greatly increase the quality of your life.

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