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Aging with Cerebral Palsy

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Hi, I am a 32 year old woman living with the effects of cerebral plsy. I am affected on my right side, and am ambulatory, able to live pretty independently.
About a year ago I had a terrible fall that sent me to the ER. I was told that the effects of aging and CP were causing me to have falls, and that I needed to start regular PT and care.
Since then I wear an AFO to support my walking, with occassional use of a crutch. I wear a full brace on my arm to prevent further spacticity.
I am very concerned because the last few months I have been having accidents and wetting myself. My therapist wants me to wear a diaper full time, but I was hoping that there are other options for me. We have been trying a few therapy techniques which have not helped and I am depressed that I may have to wear a diaper for the rest of my life.
Are there any other options for me? Thank you!
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