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Age related Depression 13-21

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Ever since I turned around 12 or 13 years old, I've felt like my level of satisfaction with life has gone down. I feel completely different mentally than I did back then. I am months away from being 22 now and am now still in this state of depression. It doesn't really feel like depression though in a sense because it's not really a lack of interest in life's activities but just that very little seems to give me the passion/ambition that it used to give me. I used to go for a run when I was like 12 and I felt like I was on top of the world when I would finish the run. I would play a new video game and I would like go crazy with excitement for the newer games. I would go to a new movie and it would be like the best thing I had ever seen in my life. Unfortunately as you might predict, that feeling of thrill/excitement seems to have dissipated from my life in almost every respect. The "mystery" of life and enjoyment I once felt seems like it has gone and now every day seems like it's nothing but a drag that I have to pull myself through. Even in class when I'm trying to learn new and exciting things I would almost rather just play games on my phone or something. Call me lazy but, I have tried around 20 medications and have found very little relief from those things. I am on my 6th psychiatrist and that is no exaggeration. I just don't seem to get the feeling I once used to have and I don't know if that was puberty, hormone related, or what but when I wasn't on any form of antidepressant at that age specifically, I felt incredible. Now, I just wish I could get back to that state but I don't know how or if I ever will attain that feeling/state of being again like it used to be for me. Could puberty or hormonal changes have caused me to feel so different now?
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