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after-surgery panic attacks

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hey there, i have recently had quite a serious surgery ( ankle reconstruction and arthroscopic surgery to remove some loose cartillage). i have just had the plaster cast removed however when i looked at my ankle and the scars/swelling i immedialtey felt sick/sweaty/dizzy etc. i found this totally unusual as i have NEVER been bothered by scars or injuries before, however apparently according to my ankle specialist, this is common after taking stitches out. the same thing happened later in the evening upon returning home as i was preparing to take a bath, after looking around my foot at the scars and swelling i nearly fainted again with the same sickness and sweating that happened eariler. why does my body keep going into shock after seeing my ankle? is it some subconcious reaction to trauma? please help as it is making things such as changing the bandage and even undressing for a shower very daunting!!
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replied June 16th, 2008
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It could definitely just be that when you see the wounds, your body remembers the pain, etc from the surgery. I'm sure it will pass, don't avoid your ankle or looking at it or anything, do some deep breathing and relaxation when you have to bathe, before you unwrap your foot. Have someone help you while you breathe deeply and relax. Does that make sense? If you do this enough, you will overcome the reaction.
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