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After motor vehicle accident bp was 286/147 for 3 hours. TBI?

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After MVA (was hit from behind by other vehicle traveling greater than 80 km per hour while I was stopped) extreme head pain and partial left hearing loss. Scalp pain for over 6 months, problems with short term memory, hard to focus, poor balance, still have periods of dizziness 2 years after. Extremely high BP until brought down in ICU with IV of Labatrol immediately after accident. CT scan found berry aneurysm 7mm. Had occasional flashing lights in left eye but eventually retinal tearing in left eye and had emergency laser repair 2 times in 1 month. Question(s) 1. Could the aneurysm have been caused by the extreme high blood pressure (no family history). 2. Could I have suffered traumatic brain injury due to MVA. Could retinal tearing have been caused by strain/pressure due to acceleration during crash. Thank you.
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replied February 15th, 2012
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Of course, these are questions that you should ask of your physician(s), who have access to your medical records, studies, and can examine you.

But, in general, aneurysms usually take a period of time, in which there is an elevated pressure. The long period of increased pressure will gradually balloon out the muscle in the arterial wall. This period of time is usually months to years.

There are some people who are believed to be born with small berry aneurysms that may/may not enlarge over time.

Usually, in cases where a quickly elevated pressure causes an arterial injury, it is usually a blow-out rupture, rather than a ballooning aneurysm.

Though most cases of TBI involve a period of unconsciousness, that is not absolutely required. So, sure, you could have a TBI. The only way to know is to have the neuropsychiatric testing required for the diagnosis.

Detached retinas can occur from sneezing in some people. Could you have developed one from the deceleration involved in the accident, possibly. That would have to be the call of the ophthalmologist that diagnosed the disorder.

Again, you should discuss these questions with your health care providers, they are in the best position to give you the correct information in regards to your case.

Good luck.
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