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After how many days can i do a pregnancy test?

hello sir/madam,
i had sex with my girlfriend on friday last (14th oct) without using a condom for around 5 minutes. later on, i used a condom and continued to have sex. however, i did not ejaculate inside the vagina.on saturday (after 22 hours after sex), she had taken a 'pilule du lendemain'.
on 3rd oct, she got her menses and she stopped bleeding after 5 days. i.e, on 8th oct.
can you tell me if there is any risk for her to be pregnant? and after how many days can i do a pregnancy test for her? Today, 21.10.11, she started bleeding. Is this the cause of the pilule du lendemain and if there is no sign of pregnancy?

Thanks in advance...
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