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After few drinks I did this most stupid thing...

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3 weeks before, After few drinks I did this most stupid thing in my life which i didnt in past 30 years, this incident has taken my life out of me.
I had protected sex with a call Girl from Tiwan . she give me protected oral sex and we had protected viginal intercourse i ejaculated inside her.Vaginal intercourse lasted less than 90 seconds. I did not penetrate deep inside here as i was nervous. After i pulled out from her, she took out the condom with small tissue paper holding both her hands and then wiped by pennis with the same tissue paper. AT this point her fluids got into contact with my Pennis (urethra) . Later after 2 minutes i went and washed myself.My question is '' what is the risk I had exposure at this point. Coz tissue paper was exposed to her fluids on outer skin of the condom and because she pulled out everything together and wiped my pennis with the same tissue paper, her fluids on tissue paper made contact with my pennis when she pulled everything together and wiped my pennis wth the same tissue paper. This was all very quick and it took some time for myslef to realise i might have put myself at risk. .Also the air on the tip of the condom was not squeezed , i assume there was some air at the tip of the condom.I was using Durex condom during this entire period.
After finishing i didnt check if the condom was broken and I am not sure if the girl had any infection. She said to me that she had protected sex with 5 people uptill now.

2 days after this encounter I started getting flue like symptoms, small ulcer on my tounge with white layer, Muscle and join pain aross my body hand and legs, bad chills, nite swets, sore throat, joint pain on my hand /legs,muscle nerve tingling, pain across my body, stomech upset and Diarreah for more than 3 weeks,stomach growling, Fatigue, muscle burning, vomitting sensation, neck pain. loss of apetite and weight loss more than 8 kg with bllurred vision. The muscle pain and Diarreah is still there after 3 weeks.

currently i have started developing small red spots on my arms,leg and back.I get pain on the finger joints and feel tired very soon.

Went to the Doctor after 2 weeks and took STD screening which came normal, i know this is my window period, i still have to go after six and 12 weeks for confirmed results.

Please advise me what is thelevel of risk.. Am i at the risk of HIV after this exposure.

Because i have all the symptoms and exposure. i cant stop thinking, this thing has taken life out of me. Thanks for your time and valuable reply. You are doing a great job.
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replied February 13th, 2013
HIV positive turns to negative in China
A lot of these case happened in China, but why not body knows in the rest of the world?
1 Political reason: 99% of HIV infected cases due to the blood transfusion by the government owned hospitals before 2003. Communist do not want cause attention of HIV events even some of them be cured, there was a Chinese doctor Gao Yao Jie be deported to US just revealing these blood transfusion fact to public. Chinese government classify HIV events is national secret
2 Economic reason: Chinese government import a lot of western HIV medicine, a lot of money involved. There was a AIDS cured patient be told never mention his recovery was taking Chinese herb by some local officer.

Medical science vs medical philosophy
Not all illness can be cured by medical science, too many scientific parameters of illness to be analyzed goes the the field of medical philosophy. That is the experience accumulated by ancient sage and most of them are working till now. One of them Chinese Zhang Jing Yue (1563-1640),mentioned how to deal with the energy balance of gay people with herbs

Drug Cocktail vs herbs cocktail
Fatal drug combination trying to kill HIV virus. The combination of Traditional Chinese medicine trying to balance the body energy of various syndromes of HIV. Your own immune systems be boosted to kill the virus of HIV, these fact be proven by lot of academic articles.

Western medicine history vs Chinese medicine history
100 years:2000 years, most of western medicine is superior to Chinese medicine except in the illness of immune systems. That is accuracy of improving immune is high, but precision of these approach is low.
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replied May 5th, 2013
So how did the test go?
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replied May 13th, 2013
Experienced User
The test was all negative with symptoms still existng.
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