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After being ill i dont know how to get my life back together.

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I don't know how to get my old life back? After being at Uni for about 6 months i became really ill. I'd managed to get glandular fever which meant 3 months of staying in bed. Once i was better i threw myself into everyday life really but this had a negative effect and it became M.E. This was not diagnoised until 18 months later. I nearly failed my uni, but wasnt able to get extra help as i had no diagnosis. I spent days in bed not able to shower or cook for myself, i experienced extreme fatigue with musle aches, my balance giving way randomly and a massive decline in my cognitive abilities. A standard treatment for this is anti-depressents but i am off these now. I am now starting to get my life back on track with these symptoms but now less extreme.
The thing is is i dont know how to, i cry for no reason at the thought of me before i was ill. I want to be that person again but i dont think that that will ever happen. I have lost all contact with groups of freinds, i have lost things that make me happy, i have lost who i am. On the same day as the M.E diagonisi i was told i had polysystic ovaries which had contributed to the 2 and a half stone weight gain and the low self esteem of myself. I just dont know what to do or how to be again.
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