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Afraid of taking birth control pills

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I was on yaz for several years from about 18-21. I was initially prescribed the pills due to painful periods. From 21 until now (25) I have not taken birth control pills. I've been in a relationship for 4 years and we chart my periods etc perfectly and use condoms. I have not had any problems at all with this method; no pregnancy scares or anything. Birth control normally makes me feel sick and I only take medicines when absolutely necessary.

Now I have been told by my Dr. that I have 2 large cysts on my right ovary (they are painful 1 week before my period) and that she wants me to take Lo Loestrin FE. I barely even take advil and I take care of my body. I hate to start taking a pill that could cause a stroke or many other side effects. It is also so new. So basically these are my questions;

How can I be sure it won't have problems like Yaz is having now ?

If I dont take birth control what else can I do about these cysts?

She said it is the lowest dosage available, does that mean its any safer?

thank you for your time. I am very stressed over this decision.
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replied August 17th, 2011
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Life is inherently unsafe and full of risks, and nothing is as safe or certain as you would ever like it to be. So we live our lives as a series of risk/reward judgements Am I going to walk across the street right here, or am I going to walk to the pedestrian crossing, wait for it to change? In your case, am I going to live with the cysts and the discomfort and chance that it will get worse, or am I going to take a pill and live with the risks associated with that pill?

Ultimately we take medicines to improve our quality of life. If the risk is greater than the improvement, it should not be used. So it will also depend to a great extent on how the cysts affect you, and the likelihood of it getting worse if left untreated.

Lo Loestrin Fe is a modern pill with the minimum of hormones. In many instances it has taken the place of Yaz and Yazmin for younger women, because of the low hormone levels and the shorter and lighter periods. The patient insert lists the risks, the results from testing, as wel as an extensive list of warnings. Billions of women take the pill every day without any major increase in risk.

Discuss the risks with your doctor, or read the prescribing information and/or patient insert (PM me if you cannot find it online and I can send you the link to the pdf file). The pil is pretty much the non surgical way of keeping it under control.

Best of luck!
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