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Affects of alcohol on sperm?

My fiance and I would like to try to conceive. He is not alcoholic, but drinks usually one or two beers a day and recently (5 days ago) he had his bachelor party - well multiple parties...He was very drunk for three days. I ovulated yesterday and had sex today. If I get pregnant, what are the chances that his recent drinking binge ruined his sperm? And does two drinks a day have a negative effect on sperm quality?
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replied April 9th, 2009
Here's an excerpt from an online article I found:
To determine which type of drinker the patient is, observe his drinking patterns. If he is drinking more than two alcoholic drinks a day, he may be at risk for a lowered sperm count.
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One study performed on male rats reported that the male sperm count in rats was decreased by about 50 percent during intoxication and the 24 hours after intoxication. Therefore, if an alcoholic or binge drinker is trying to conceive, his attempts will probably not be more successful than someone who only drinks alcohol occasionally.
Good Luck and Happy Baby Making! =)
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