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I am a 49 year old Asperger (developmental disability, details to right applicant) living in Norfolk, Britain.

Does anybody know anyone who can do advocacy for payment or voluntary for asperger/disabled people of my age.

Is part or full payment by "Skillswap" i.e. doing gardening or cleaning or other kinds of work ok as I haven’t much cash, being on benefits. Details on my CV, if interested, to serious applicants.

My health history and needs are very complex and I don't want to go into it unless I am sure I am speaking to the right person.

Unless you have time to read and understood all the details, please don't reply, because I pay for time and assistance on the computer.

I want a freelance individual preferably recommended by an asperger/disabled adult or a partner or family member of one, not anyone who belongs to any kind of disability/health/employment/funded/charit able organisation or affiliated to such or otherwise promoting such interests of disability organisations.

Please do not tell me about the NAS, Asperger Norfolk or any other funded organisations, especially the social services and the NHS or indeed any other charitable or voluntary organisations. I do not want organisations at all. I need a freelance independent person who is literate, mature and competent and who can supply proof of this, preferably a work reference in the commercial sector i.e. a proper job.

Please send this e-mail on to somebody who might be able to help if you know anyone, but don't send it to organisations please as I have tried them all.

Thank you

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