My mom has been in a relationship with a man for around a year now who is very possessive, easily angered, and things must operate on his terms. I do not know the extent of physical abuse because she used to protect his image, but I do know that he gets aggressive toward her. Now, she's simply scared to tell me exactly what he does because she's always around him, and he's intrusive. She just informed me tonight that he has convinced some of her coworkers that she is crazy (they work in the same field), so it seems like he's trying to isolate her. I tell her that she can always talk to me because I love her. She's out of state on the job, just like he is, so they're sharing a hotel room, but she also has some of her things at his place back in their state of residence. For one thing, my mom is such a golden person, she deserves so much better, and all the more, no one should be subject to this sort of oppressive kind of relationship.
What is the most pragmatic, safest course of action for her to leave unharmed?
Thank you, whoever reads this.
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