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advice on asking out a girl

A little backstory, theres this girl in one of my classes iv had my eye on for a while (about 2 months now) and want to ask her out, or at the very least start talking with her and become friends. We both have similar interests (I found out through facebook) we both are part of the same organization on campus, and we both attempted to rush an honers coed frat, which neither of us got in.
If I see her outside of class, ill notice that she recognizes me, but she makes no attempt at talking to me, and because of that, im scared to strike up a conversation with her.
Whenever I walk into class ill notice she will look at me when I walk in the door, then quickly shy away and not really make eye contact anymore (call me arrogant, but I think she looks for me cause at first I thought she just watched everyone walk in the door, but Iv noticed after I walk in she never looks at the door again)
Also i found it pretty funny that we both dress pretty similar (just casual jeans and a fleece and t shirt) but we both have similar types of shoes (bright neon colors that have a "patched on" look)
I want to talk to her, but after so long in the class with not a word im starting to think she sees me as a creeper
What should I do? iv never really been in this situation before (i.e. iv never liked someone so much and never been able to talk to them straight out)
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replied November 3rd, 2009
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You didn't mention why you like her.

Is it the way she looks? The way she talks?

Gotta be careful ya know, don't want to get started with the wrong kind've girl.

Most of them act a certain way, which is a complete lie, kind've like fishing, they put their bait out in the water and the fish just start biting, and before you know it your being skinned and having your head chopped off, proverbally speaking of course.
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replied November 3rd, 2009
I like her because of what iv seen of her so far. Even though we've never talked, from what iv seen and read we have a bit in common. She not the preppy popular type, but rather the shy quiet type, which is partly why I think i like her so much because im pretty much the same way. Alot of her interests (including views on religion, hobbies, likes/dislikes)(dont call me a stalker, iv only seen her profile once, and I remember those things because i feel the same way)
I find her very attractive, dare I say hot, but thats not the first thing that attracted me to her, the first time I saw her I (and put up with me here) got lost in her eyes and havent been able to stop thinking about her since She has the most beautiful eyes, and if theres one thing that I look for in a girl its her eyes.
Iv never really seen her with friends so I cant really comment on her personality, but I really would like to ask her out, or at the very least become friends, but like I mentioned, after all this time I probably would just seem like a creeper trying to talk to her out of the blue
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replied November 4th, 2009
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Women respond well to confidence. Waiting to ask her out is kind of a poison that destroys her impression of you slowly. Your best bet is to imply that you haven't had a good reason to ask her out before, been too busy, haven't had an event worth taking her to.

Buy two tickets to a concert that you don't think that she'll hate that's at least 10 days off. Walk up to her when you come into class and introduce yourself. Tell her you ended up an extra ticket to (whoever) and thought she might like to come along. If you're both of imbibing age tell her you'll meet her at a bar nearby the concert before hand. Have drinks with her, talk and get to know her better. If she says no shrug and tell her to let you know if she changes her mind and you still have 10 days to find soemone else to go with.
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replied December 9th, 2009
This is what you do.
Okay, so this is what you do
1: Get a time machine
2: Invite class to see it.
3: Cause it to matlfunction and send you into the past.
4: Hope she follows you and saves you. If not, Congrats, you do not have true love. If she does: Yay, instant bonding. If not, go to step 5:
5: Mourn your loss as you slowly perish in a land forgotten by time.
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replied December 25th, 2009
Don't wait any longer!!!
Trust me, the longer you wait, there more awkward it'll be to talk to her. Is she ever alone? Thats the best moment to walk up to her and start a convo. Just something casual...remember that shes just a normal person like you. If a girl walked up to you and started a convo, you wouldn't think shes weird or anything either, you'd be happy about the company. So be brave, treat her like a good friend and she'll treat you the same way. Surprised)
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