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Advice in case of use of I-Pill -Periods + Breast pain (cancer?)

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i had sex with my gf(we both were virgin) on 21st march around 10:30 pm(Night) and 22nd march 2012 around 5 am and 8 am(morning), i gave her I-pill within 24 hours (she took is around 5 - 5:30 pm) from my 1st intercourse (it was unprotected sex).

Her periods was suppose to come in within the same days 21st , 22nd - 25th,(her last periods date was 26th feb) and she said me that night that she is feeling that her periods is coming but then to we had unprotected sex and gave her the pill next day.

she suffered with pain in her lower abdomen, headache and even breast(on alternate days)after taking I pill.

In between she observed pre-cum like liquid too flowing out of her vagina(2 days she observed ).

she got her periods on 28th march(with heavy flow)complaining that her flow blood colored a slight different from usual a little bit pinkish and blackish. (IS IT NORMAL ? AND CAN THEIR BE CHANCES OF PREGNANCY ?)

THE THING for which i m more worried is Her BREAST PAIN ... (IS IT NORMAL ?)
today 30th march she is suffering from heavy pain in her Breast...
and even her blood flow is less as compared to when she goes washroom today.

Please do look for this and Kindly REPLY as early as possible ....
and please guide me with necessary suggestion.

pls reply..thanks in advance.
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