I have had problems with my bum for longer than I care to remember. I am now in my early 60s and first had significant issues when I was mid-30s. I used to climb hills and mountains but had to give this up after around 12 years as that activity was causing me problems with haemorrhoids. I have had them banded twice. First time around 22 years ago. Second time a few years after that.

It was following that that my outings to the mountains had to cease. That second banding caused more problems than it cured. The things increased in size and seemed to multiple. It took many, many months to settle.

I have been vegetarian for around 30 years. Partly because of this problem. I have no problems with my bowels. In fact until very recently, twice a day was regular. But I have tried to reduce this to once. It seems ok like that, although the accumulation of gas is uncomfortable. I drink loads of water.

I initially lost a load of weight in trying to control these things. Mostly because of the high fibre diet and simply avoiding eating in an effort to control digestion.

Now, I have been cycling for years. It replaced the hill climbing. But things are once more pretty unbearable. However, the discomfort and pain is no longer going away after a few days or weeks. It is permanently there. They are not constantly prolapsed, but do make an appearance when going to the toilet. And seem quite large.

Exercise is becoming difficult as are most other 'energetic' activities. I am struggling to work in my garden or on the house. Several weeks ago I had a problems after doing a mixture of garden work and gutter works which required being up a ladder. In fact, I was pretty distressed to find that one side had started to produce a small external haemorrhoid.

So, I have been to the GP who has referred me to a consultant. But what I am looking for is some advice as I am worried that she may make things worse - as happened when I was previously referred.

At my age, is banding likely to improve or deteriorate this condition? Does anyone have any experience of banding at my age? Is it the opinion of those who suffer with this at an older age that it is now something that we need to live with? I really am pretty down about it all. I loved visiting the mountains and lost those. Then I loved cycling and getting out and about, but now I am lucky if I can walk very far at all.

All, opinions welcome. Especially those that offer hope.
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replied October 25th, 2018
I am sorry that you have had so much trouble with this - that is a very long time with a big impact on quality of life for an active person! Is there a reason why you have not done a hemorrhoidectomy? There are a lot of horror stories out there but while surgery certainly isn’t a fun experience for anyone it doesn’t have to be that bad and it is often very successful in getting rid of the problems for good. I am on day 10 after surgery now and am pleasantly surprised that it was not as bad as I had imagined. I had a local pain medication put in during surgery that helped me through the first day really well. It’s painful and uncomfortable to go to the bathroom after surgery but it seems like for most people the first couple of weeks is worst and then it gets better. Check with your doctor if you are a candidate for surgery, it depends on the degree of hemorrhoids I believe.
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