advertising policy

All advertising on including Strategic Partner sites linking directly from, licensed to use any brand, or licensed to use content, is subject to this policy. Links from advertisements are subject to the same criteria. Advertisements may not link to pictures or text which do not follow these criteria or is deemed inappropriate by
  1. Violence/Profanity (graphics or text)
    • Advertisement must not contain pictures or text exposing cruelty, physical, or emotional acts against any person or animal which are primarily intended to hurt or inflict pain.
    • Advertisement must not contain obscene words, phrases, and profanity.
  2. Partial Nudity and Nudity
    • Advertisements must not pictures exposing the female breast or full exposure of either male or female buttocks.
    • The advertisement may include swimsuits.
    • The advertisement will not contain pictures exposing any or all portions of the human genitalia.
  3. Sexual Acts (graphics or text)
    • The advertisement will not contain pictures or text exposing anyone or anything involved in explicit sexual acts and or lewd and lascivious behavior, including masturbation, copulation, pedophilia, intimacy involving nude or partially nude people in heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or homosexual encounters.
    • We will not accept phone sex ads, dating services, and adult personals, CD-ROM's and videos.
  4. Gross Depictions (graphic or text)
    • The advertisement will not contain pictures or descriptive text of anyone or any thing which are crudely vulgar or grossly deficient in civility or behavior or which show scatological impropriety. Included such depictions as maiming, bloody figures, or indecent depiction of bodily functions.
  5. Intolerance (graphics or text)
    • The advertisement must not contain pictures or text advocating prejudice or discrimination against any race, color, national origin, religion, disability or handicap, gender, or sexual orientation.
    • The advertisement will not contain any intolerant jokes or slurs.
  6. Satanic/Cult
    • The advertisement will not contain or link to content, pictures, or text advocating devil worship, an affinity for evil, or wickedness. The advertisement contains no advocacy to join a cult.
    • A cult is defined as a closed society that is headed by a single individual, or group of individuals, where loyalty is demanded and leaving is punishable.
  7. Drugs/Drug Culture
    • The advertisement contains no pictures or text advocating the illegal use of drugs.
    • The advertisement contains no substances used for other than their primary purpose to alter the individual's state of mind, such as glue sniffing.
  8. Militant/Extremist
    • Advertisement contains no pictures or text advocating extremely aggressive and combative behaviors, or advocacy of unlawful political measures.
    • Advertisement contain no "how to" information on weapons making, ammunition making or the making or use of pyrotechnics materials.
    • Advertisement contains no use of weapons for unlawful reasons.
  9. Questionable/Illegal & Gambling (graphics and text)
    • Advertisement contains no pictures or text advocating materials or activities of a dubious nature which may be illegal in any or all jurisdictions, such as illegal business schemes, chain letters, copyright infringement, computer hacking, phreaking (using someone's phone lines without permission) and software piracy.
    • Advertisement contains no text advocating gambling relating to casinos, betting, numbers games, on-line sports or financial betting, including non-monetary dares. Lottery ads are exempted.
    • Advertisement contains no odds related info.
  10. Competitive (graphics and text)
    • Advertisement contains no pictures or text with promotions or other mentions for direct competitors of

advertisements clearly identified

We believe it is important for you to be able to distinguish advertisements and offers from consumer health information. For this reason, all advertisements, sponsorship acknowledgments, promotional, and commercial information in the form of articles, or display advertisements (banners or logos), are separated from our consumer health information. All advertisements are clearly indicated and easily identifiable as such and are distinguished from other information. Information marked "Advertisement" on eHealth Forum may include advertisements and offers from third parties as well as "in-house" advertisements that will link you to consumer health information we wish to highlight. Each advertisement is clearly labeled. For example, we print the word "Ads" along the top or the side of a box in which the advertisement or sponsorship acknowledgment appears.

clicking on advertisements

If you click on a third-party advertisement, you will be leaving eHealth Forum and will be directed to the advertiser's site. Be aware that eHealth Forum has no control over the practices of other websites. Your computer may receive cookies from other sites and you will not be protected by eHealth Forum's security and privacy policies. At times, when you click on an advertisement, a box will pop up asking you to respond to a survey or poll or answer a question. These boxes are controlled by the advertiser; information you enter into these boxes is submitted to the advertiser, not to eHealth Forum.

advertisements are not targeted to you

Advertisers and sponsors may target their messages to specific health information categories within our site, but eHealth Forum does not target advertisements to individual users on our site. In other words, we do not use personal information about you to determine which advertisements you will see when you visit our site.

ehealthforum does not endorse products

The appearance of third-party advertisements or sponsorship acknowledgements on eHealth Forum is not a guarantee or an endorsement by eHealth Forum or any of our content partners of the organization, product or service or the claims made for the product or service in such advertisement or sponsorship acknowledgement. Additionally, the herbal and/or alternative products advertised on eHealth Forum and all claims pertaining to such products are not guaranteed to have been thoroughly tested. Thus, all information regarding the efficacy, contraindications, side effects, etc. of these products may not be available for review at this time.

editorial independence and website funding maintains absolute editorial independence throughout the website. has its business headquarters in El Segundo, CA.

Like most other commercial websites, eHealth Forum receives funding from third parties who pay for the right to advertise their companies and products on our site. This funding supports eHealth Forum's efforts to develop comprehensive and credible consumer health information. At times, third parties pay for the right to sponsor certain areas of information on our site. eHealth Forum may agree to develop information about a certain topic in return for this sponsorship. However, eHealth Forum develops this information in accordance with our editorial policy and practices; sponsors have no editorial input or influence on the information itself.

Advertisers and sponsors also have no influence over the order of the listing of responses to a search request on our site. We do not allow advertisers or sponsors to purchase priority listings in our search engine.


eHealth Forum purchases and serve advertisements on our site. We do not receive commissions on purchases you may make when you leave eHealth Forum to visit the site of a company advertising on eHealth Forum.

sharing aggregate user information

eHealth Forum may share accumulated, anonymous statistical information regarding site usage and traffic patterns with our advertisers and sponsors. Information in these aggregated summary reports cannot be linked to you individually. Any information provided by you to the advertiser is not controlled by eHealth Forum.

types of advertisements not accepted

eHealth Forum does not accept advertising that we know either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective or dangerous products. eHealth Forum also does not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, firearms or pornography.

no advertorials

eHealth Forum does not accept "advertorial" articles. In other words, our site does not display consumer health articles provided by companies who advertise on our site. More information is available about how our consumer health articles are developed can be obtained by contacting our Medical Content Editor by completing a User Comment Form online. Your message will be forwarded to the editor who will reply to you individually and in good time.

dealings with advertisers and/or merchants

Your correspondence or business relationship(s) with, or participation in promotions of, advertisers and/or merchants found on or through any of the services contained on this the website, including but not limited to payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such relationships, are solely between you and such advertiser or merchant. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that: (a) shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as the result of any such relationships or as the result of the presence of such advertisers and/or merchants on the Service, and (b) any orders placed by you on, and any product specifications and product availability appearing on, the Service are subject to confirmation by, and the terms and conditions of business of, the relevant merchant.

updating this policy

Our advertising policy may be revised periodically. The most recent changes to the policy will be noted in a different color within the policy. You can click on any of those areas to find information about the change and how it may affect you. Further, you may access all previous advertising policies through links at the top and the bottom of this page When we make significant changes that affect our advertising policies and practices, we will post a notice on the eHealth Forum home page for 30 days. We recommend that you read our advertising policy whenever you visit our site in case you missed our notice.

contact us

If you have questions about the Terms of Use, Copyright Policy, Privacy Policy, and/or Advertising Policy or have any other questions or concerns about the site you can complete a User Comment Form online and we will respond to your comments with an individual and prompt reply.
This policy was effective on October 1, 2003
Last reviewed July 19, 2007