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Advance bone cancer in entire body

My mom was diagnosed with bone cancer about a month ago, the doctor told her she has cancer in every single bone in her body including her skull. She has started chemo on Monday but has been sick all week and we don't know if it is the chemo or the cancer making her sick...she doesn't want to continue with chemo if she is going to be sick all the time. I have read that some patients of bone cancer go into remission, is this possible for someone who has bone cancer all over?

Also, I need some menu ideas, I won't be living with my mom for much longer as I have to get back to my family and want to cook up some frozen meals, she has no appetite but she needs to eat...any suggestions?
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replied June 10th, 2010
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Hi carolday and welcome to ehealth: I am so sorry about your Mom.....The best person to ask about her chemo is her doctor...Have him/her be truthful with you....Ask your Mom her favorite foods...Things that she loves...She will find it hard eating and it is up to you to make an assortment of things she loves....I send my hopes for a swift recovery....Take care...

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replied August 19th, 2010
A version of Cronopuncture Open Point can help even at such stage, of course doesn't 100% guarantee recovery, but suitable for whatever bad condition and can't do harm.
Done on 2-3 points each on a finger joints which are right on the middle of inside part of joint line i.e. at 6.00 o'clock if look from the top of a finger.
i.e easy enough to find and work yourself.
I can compose such schemes provided the data when it first begun, the treatment is
heating the points even by an incense stick, though professional moxibustion cigars
are better.
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