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I don't want to re-tell my whole long story. You can find it here on the forum if you want all the details. I am 40 year old who has been through hell- one month very sick- chills, fever, loss of appetite; then another month of brain fog, feeling weird, jittery, nervous, depersonalized...needing to lie down most of the day.

I noticed for about a month that I am perfect in the AM- usually symptoms hit around noon or so. I also noticed that I felt wonderful often at bedtime- the whole awful thing would just disappear. Also I never feel bad at night. Never wake up feeling weird/cruddy. Here's the thing: when I first got sick I started taking Lunesta because I could not sleep (severe chills, malaise, etc). I notice that when I take the Lunesta (at bedtime) my symptoms seem to disappear and I feel good again.

Yesterday afternoon when the fog/malaise returned I took a very tiny bit of Lunesta- like a quarter tablet- and I seemed to feel much better within an hour. Now I am wondering if maybe my symptoms are a weird side effect of Lunesta- or perhaps a combination of the med and the mono. Could it be purely coincidence? I don't know. I think I will try getting off the Lunesta entirely and see if my symptoms go away. In the meantime, at least I feel I have some relief from this. I just don't know what this means. When I take the small amount of lunesta I don't feel sleepy.

I am cautiously optimistic that this is Lunesta-related. I REALLY want to believe that, since that is lot easier to fix than some weird/chronic illness that comes and goes. My life has been awful since this started.
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