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Adult man with Congenital Hypothyroidism

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new here, here is my case
hey all. I am a 29 year old man, with congenital hypothyroidism. the doctors found it when i was 14 days old, through a pku test. I remember getting poked and prodded every couple of weeks till i was like 10. I was taking synthroid until then also.

when i was 10 i got to where i refused to take my meds, and actually stopped them. Once this happened, i lost weight, and have never had any problems in that area.

I had my tsh tested a few times during life. when i was 16, the doctor said that the levels were fine. I had it tested again at like 25. the doctor said that the tsh was just slightly high, and started a low dose of synthroid. I lost my job and couldn't afford to keep seeing the doc, so i never took the meds.

now this year, i have had tsh levels tested multiple times because of major depressive episodes and mood swings, constantly tired, no concentration, or memory just feeling horrible. the results so far this year have been 80, 136, 86, 35, and 48.

i started seeing a psychiatrist. she prescribed prozac for depression, but it only made me worse. she stopped it and now will not prescribe anything until i see a specialist for my thyroid. she says she is afraid there may be malignancy.

so far i have taken 50mcg, 75mcg, and currently on 100mcg. the funny thing is 50mcg brought my levels down to 35, and when i switched to 75mcg they came up to 48. This doesn't make any sense. So the Doc moved me up to 100. I feel slightly better. i can get out of bed, and the anxiety isn't as sever or frequent. but im still feeling really bad and can't remember anything. My mood swings are also pretty bad.
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