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Adrenaline experience, extreme sports, caffeine

Hi my name Is Dan, could you explain to why I keep having an adrenaline rush experience? I could be at work, at home walking the dogs etc. I am into my extreme sports and really enjoy this feeling it's just inappropriate at work or at home or for no reason at all? To be honest I enjoy the high but I do get low moments too also I never need much sleep but am always tired and live on caffeine could that be what this feeling is?
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replied August 19th, 2013
Yes, it sounds as if you don't have a very healthy lifestyle at the moment from your comments on sleep and caffine. What you're experiencing could be spikes in your blood sugar, or it could be down to your mental state and lack of sleep. It might be you are having mini panic attacks. Does our heart beat faster? Do you feel dizzy or light headed or sick at all?

Caffeine is highly addictive, and is not good for you body. I know lots of people who have caffeine addictions and the best thing to do is start eating better. Eat at least 3 meals a day if you dont already, having plenty of complex carbs and wholegrain for sustainable energy. Try a breakfast of oatmeal with nuts and fruit Smile

Snacking during the day on healthy energy sustaining foods like nuts, fruit and whole grains will also help your levels of energy.
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