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Adrenal Fatigue? Feeling Hopeless


First time posting to any kind of forum/in public, but I am feeling hopeless and desperate for answers. I've seen my primary care doctor, therapist, and a psychologist for these issues that are affecting my work and relationships. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but I want to get to the root cause because I don't know if I am taking the right medications to address these issues.

I currently take Bupropion (Wellbutrin) and occasionally propranolol when I know I'm going to have a nerve-wracking day ahead of me. However, this doesn't always work. My main concern is every other day I have extreme brain fog, very fatigued, severely lack motivation, and just want to lay down all day.

Here are all my symptoms:

-Anxiety - there are weeks that I feel like I'm constantly stressed. I get stressed very easily and I am a very nervous person, especially around other people outside my family.

-When I am stressed/nervous or have anxiety, I feel like I can't think straight - like I am lightheaded or in a fog. The more stressed/anxious, the more fog/lightheaded, and the more I make mistakes or say things that don't make sense.

-Even when I am not under stress, there are days that I wake up feeling "off". This is like every other day. I feel foggy, unrested, achy, anxious, unmotivated like I just want to lay in bed all day, and even the simplest things are very hard to do. Also feels like I am constantly making mistakes at work and can barely think straight. Very fatigued.

- I have trouble staying focused and concentrating most of the time

-Social anxiety - It's hard for me to maintain relationships. I am seeing a therapist for this but its not really helping.

I eat well. No caffeine, low sugar, I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. 5'9 female 145 lbs. Not a smoker, I have 1-3 drinks a week (red wine). Married and no kids 30yo. Aside from my medications I take a multivitamin.

Can this be adrenal fatigue - over production of cortisol? I know googling is always a bad idea but I've tried to diagnose myself because no one else can give me answers, and this is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Please let me know what to do or who I should see- this is affecting my life and I am feeling so hopeless and desperate....
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replied October 2nd, 2019
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the best think to do is to get proper information og adrenal feelings disorder from a specialized Doctor ..
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