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Adrenal Fatigue/Candida... Weightloss. WHAT is this!?!?

Hi everyone. This is my first message board post. I'm a female bodybuilder and have apparently ran my body into the ground over the past 10 years of excessive working out/hardcore dieting and I'm searching for answers to get help. I've seen MDs who told me I didn't have a problem and told me "go home--you're one of the most fit people I've ever seen in my office." And then I've recently seen a Naturopath doc and she turned out to be a great help. She did a saliva and urine test to determine I have Candida and adrenal fatigue. My symptoms:

Candida: White coating on tongue in the morning. Slightly low thyroid, congested liver, slow pancreas/kidneys due to systemic candida infection/acidic body pH. Homeopathic supplements & candida diet have helped me reverse some of this over the past 2 months. Water retention is still excessive.

Adrenal fatigue: INABILITY TO LOSE WEIGHT--AT ALL! NO MATTER WHAT I DO. Average body temp: 97.8 daily. Trouble getting to sleep at a reasonable time or often wide awake from midnight-6am!! Waking up frequently during sleep. Water retention, fat gain very noticeable around waist.

Other things: I am EXTREMELY energetic! NO fatigue at all. Great workouts at the gym, phenomenal strength, happy/positive mental attitude, great memory, good appetite, excellent diet/nutrition habits, 7-8 hours sleep each night. No problems waking up in the morning.

Problem: My issue is that I cannot lose weight no matter what I do!! Being a bodybuilder, I've learned each and every way possible to manipulate my food and workout habits to be able to achieve extremely low bodyfat %. So I'm 100% sure my diet is in check! I have not been able to lose weight or come anywhere close to my contest weight in 3+ years now due to this crap. I gain muscle very well and have incredible strength in the gym, but no matter how low I cut calories, carb cycle, more cardio, HIIT cardio, boxing--nothing budges the weight. I only maintain. Over the last 3 years, I have done every sane & insane thing I can think of to drop to get back into contest shape (2-3 hours per DAY cardio, 800 cals per day, you name it, I've tried it). My metabolism is fine as I had that MedGem tested also so I know where my calorie levels should be--I maintain my weight around 2700 cals daily. Hormonally, I'm still all messed up though??!

I FEEL excellent everyday! How do I have adrenal fatigue?? I'm not fatigued, never tired, super happy every day other than I can't lose weight. My weight is a HUGE issue for me--I am now almost 50 lbs over my lowest contest weight... (I am a VERY muscular female)-- so while I'm still in the low 20s in bodyfat %, walking around at 210 lbs instead of a shredded 165 is ridiculous with all the working out and strict dieting I do. I need to be single digits to get on stage and compete and I can't EVEN get close. I don't understand how I have adrenal fatigue when I'm not fatigued?? And when will I possibly start to lose weight again!?! I'm on supplements & herbals & homeopathic everything it seems and I just want to know when it will "kick in" and allow me to lose weight Sad No one told me to stop workingout-- I think I'd die if I had to do that! I'm very frustrated and at my wits end because I don't feel exhausted or fatigued at all--yet I can't drop one single pound.... Its ruining my personal life & career day by day and I wanna cry.
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replied March 27th, 2013
Wow, sorry you're having such issues. Have you checked out Mark Sisson's website? Paleo eating may be the way to go for you. I think I'd drop the cardio or at least severely reduce it. It just isn't necessary and could be part of your issue. Also, try removing wheat from your diet and see if that makes a difference.
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replied February 17th, 2014
I suffer from the same weight-gain / water-retention. Have you found a solution?
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