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My son has a serious case of ADHD. I'm wondering if anyone has a child with ADHD and an IEP? I've been reading through the Special Education Laws, and it seems like it could go either way ....

We will begin testing soon. Have a meeting scheduled for August 19th with the school to begin evaluation for an IEP.

At the last meeting, June 2nd, 2010, they tried to talk me out of having my son evaluated. The Resource Specialist told me that my son's existing 504 Plan is a very powerful tool, and looks really good.

Then he removed 12 items from my son's existing 504 Plan. Says that he wants to experiment and see what works.

As a result of the school not following my son's 504 Plan, and not providing the necessary assistance and accommodations to help my son succeed in school, my son failed 7th grade, which is totally unacceptable ... !!!

I've heard that a 504 Plan is difficult to enforce .... Is that true? Many people say that an IEP is much better, but what if we can't get an IEP, and have to stick with the 504 Plan?
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replied July 1st, 2010
Being a child of a 504 plan before IEP's came along I have an opinion answer for you. My opinion comes from being a teacher now and seeing IEP's and 504's failing kids like there is no tomorrow. The original intent was great for both but the statement "you’re not helping my child" cry from parents who want their kids to be given the free grade and passing to the next level has truly ruined it for a lot of the kids.
Your 504 plan deals with "PHYSICAL DISABILITY" and an IEP deals with "Learning Disability”. 504 plans are given more money to the school to accommodate that student’s physical disability to build ramps, glucose monitors, have a para educator accompany the child throughout the day and so on. So if a physical thing can be done to help your child learn at their opportune level then a 504 plan is the way to go. IEP gets a lot less money because it means you have found specific learning issues a teacher can address and use while they teach the students without IEP's at the same time.
Now with the no child left behind law they have become a safety net for students to pass without meeting any criteria as far back as 4 - 5 grades. In other words kids being passed on to High school when they are still unable to pass 3rd grade reading or writing test. No joke allows a child not to have to do work in the class, because "they are SPED" SPED Special Education students.
I had given a test out to my class and found out afterwards over half the class had IEP’s and in their IEP’s students with questions where multiple choices could be given your typical pick A, B, C, D answer was not allowed to be given. They were only allowed to have a right or wrong answer, true false questions were not allowed to be asked. That is an example of IEP fix to a learning issue.
I have had students in my class with 504 plans dealing with ability to write at pace necessary for class notes to be taken. Thiswas understandable they were given a para educator to take notes and write for them to help them out. I thought this was totally cool until I had students in my class writing notes, talking and not about the subject being taught, or doing other homework while I was teaching. The kids response I’ll look at the notes from her when she is done. Being a teacher and not being allowed to refocus the kid on the subject being taught can really be a problem. The para also will do the work and coach the child to the correct answer and not most of the time not writing the initial answer given by the student.
My true suggestion is when you go and have the IEP testing done see if you can over watch the testing and see if your son/daughter are truly trying their best when the testing is going on and not being lazy. Then when the IEP is being put together do your best to be there and have them explain in the simplest detail what the range of that IEP is allowing to be done to help your child without spoon feeding the learning. If you did believe your child was being lazy during the testing have them redo it.
I was told something by a professor in college when I didn’t want to use the help that I was allowed to test. “Learning disabilities are a part of life, the IEP’s are making the field of battle even for all.” IEP’s are not to make learning easy and allowing one not to have to put any effort in their own personal education
Quick note on my learning disabilities I have due to a traumatic accident I was involved in. I have TBI GCS level 3, dyslexia, short term memory loss, in ability to write due to neural dysfunction in my arm, along with reading comprehension problems they told me I would never be able to succeed at the college level. I did. Adaptations I was given for school was a tape recorder, use of a computer to type essay answers due in class, a note taker who I did not know so if they were not in class I was out of luck, Extended testing time I was given time and a half to take a test, quite room and ability to take the test prior to testing day. So if a test was Monday or Tuesday I could take it Friday. I was given all assignments and test with the same material as the other students. I hope I was able to help you.
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replied July 7th, 2010
I Have ADHD and An IEP
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