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ADHD and trouble breathing in afternoon

I have adhd Fas so from what doctors told me its most likly anxiety but morning's are fine its happens later in the day around 4pm
i start to get panicy worried about my breathing chest pains trembiling sweats tightness ect all the things i grew up with but the problem latly is now at nights i get the sensation of not breathing or ect it feels like im not breathing and my nose is pluged or somthing my throat is tightening and it feels like im stuggeling to get a breath, iv woke up gasping for air . in then i start thinking about crap and trigger a panic attack iv tryed taking ativan for it but it didnt help just made me tired and a sence of nothing

iv tryed alot of the de-stress'ers deepbreathing going for walks situps playing games, called alberta nurse line. doesnt help
im getting to the point were its ruining what little part of life i have left
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replied October 3rd, 2010
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Hi EvAFreak,

Since you pretty much know when these attacks are going to occur. Make an appointment every week for 1 month for a full body massage for an hour.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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