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adductor tenotomy

Hi I have a 28mth old girl with spastic quad CP, she is mentally very bright, she doesn't have any drooling/swallowing or speech problems. Two weeks ago she had botox on her hamstrings, thumbs and long finger flexors with pretty good results. Very Happy

She also had lumbar punctures and bloods done to check for metabolic disorders as she had a normal MRI.

Anyway, she is now booked in to have an adductor release and phenol nerve block on 22nd of this month and unfortunately I'm not having much luck getting information about the procedure or testimonials from others who have been through it.

I've tried other forums without much luck, so I'm hoping someone here can help me with what to expect. Thanks for reading. peace
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replied September 12th, 2008
I think that you'll have to do some more research on this very specific technique. I found some good information on the National Institutes of Health website. You'll see that there are organizations listed at the bottom of the page: Where can I get more information?

I suggest that you call one or more of these organizations. They are there to help and can refer you to someone who has the knowledge.

Does that help?

Another resource is the National Library of Medicine overview of Cerebral Palsy. The links on both of these sites are trustworthy.
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