For the last 2 years iv had extremely bad dizziness.iv had every test you can think off,MRI,ECG,EEG,Adrenal test,blood tests,ENT tests yet they all come back normal.I have quite bad anxiety and depression and i drink quite alot of caffeine.i could easyly drink a 2.5 litre of coke a day.iv had trouble sleeping for quite some time,i wake up at say 12-1 and within 30 mins i feel really weak,dizzy and tired yet i could of slept for 10 hours.before all this dizziness started i used to stay up all night on the pc drinking coke and smoking basicly.could this be some sort of problem with caffeine and if so what should i do?i had 2 (small)bottles of coke and a can in 1 day,the next a (small)bottle early in the morning and the next day i felt so ill i had to go back to sleep after waking up at like 1 in the this caffeine?thank you very much in advance
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replied July 11th, 2011
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i see no one answered; so here; STOP DRINKING ANYTHING BUT WATER, TAKE SOME PROBIOTICS, eat well, take melatonin at night and B100 complex daily
and if u need caffine, drink a couple cups of coffee morning only
try some vigorous exercise also
OH YEH, did i say eat well, hope u try this
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replied July 12th, 2011
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Hi Sunzz and welcome to ehealth: Each person has their own tolerance level of caffeine...As for me, I love it...I drink three 24 oz. bottles of Diet Pepsi a day...I am now sitting with a qt. bottle in front of me...We stopped at a Stop and Go type of place on the way home from the Vet and each got a bottle...My husband drinks Diet Mountain Dew...I have done this for as long as Pepsi started to market this product....I will until they stop making it...I have spoken to my Internal Medicine physician, as well as other doctors about the negative effect of this soda....Asked them if it would raise my blood pressure or ruin my health...Each time I have heard the same thing...If you drink the same amount of water then you are OK...They also told me that some women who may have cancer in their family might want to be wary of caffeine, but this has not been proven....Some people preach vitamins...Some preach vegetables...As for me I don't push anything...However, I will defend the soda of my choice...

On the interesting side, caffeine tests done on mice a few years ago proved without a doubt that the mice that used caffeine were the most sexual....I liked the results of that test... Very Happy ...Take care...

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