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Addicted to hashish and Tramadol

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I was addicted to hashish since 6 years ago, heavy smoker, smoking was the first thing to do before anything, even exams.. i was feeling good all the time, so optimistic, talk-able, creative, funny, social, adventurous & energetic.. after a while i felt that life stopped suddenly feeling some depression, and i thought about quitting.. i already quit for 7 months but i was feeling different, strange, shy, pessimistic & sleeping too much, after a while i turned back smoking and i hated smoking at the begging but after couple weeks things got better and i felt nice again... after a while i started to take pills like tramadol, i became more energetic and i hated to sleep. i was enjoying every single moment in my life, people were loving me around..

And that story repeated like 3 times, quitting then relapse quitting then ....etc
my family sent me to a hospital last September, i stayed there 3 months, the first 2 months were nice i was feeling happy and everything is okay, after that i felt some depression.. i went out of the hospital at December..
till now am still feeling the same depression and pessimistic, energy is low and avoiding people & feeling sad most of the time.
I need to get over this, i want to start living my life before it is too late.
would you please help me to stand again.
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First Helper Trueadams

replied November 6th, 2010
your answer
dude, hash is just placebo-enhancer.
learn your own techniques, you have drugs in your body to make you happy, serotonin, dopamine, whatever. just keep yourself active enough, get plenty of exercise (plenty!) and drink loads of water, eat good food (but not overeat you dont wanna get fat) and make yourself feel proud!

when i feel bad I go for a run and feel the burn, i like to imagine the burn destroys all my bad vibes inside.

its easy to get trapped in your own head in your negative attitudes and emotions

find an escape. and with enough practice youll be naturally the person you wanna be

if you need some therapy, do that, they can help you learn techniques to stay happy

personally, i use yoga/meditation etc. READ! WATCH GOOD SHOWS!

hope ive given you more than enough ideas

stay cool

peace and love
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