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ADD and Anxiety, Any Help?

When I increased my medication, my anxiety became worse. I searched on the internet recently about this and I found that it is common for people who have ADD to have anxiety as well. One of the possible side effects of concerta is feeling anxiety.

Sometimes my anxiety get's so bad that I can't focus on anything, and I can't stay on task, and when this happens I get a really big headache. I find it so hard to concentrate due to my anxiety... SO what is the point of taking my medication?

Is there any other way that will help reduce my ADD symptoms, and maybe my anxiety too? Should I switch medications or stop taking my medication?

I heard omega-3 can reduce ADD symptoms, as well as eating healthier and exercising. However, I don't know how much effect it can have on me. Could it really reduce my symptoms? Could it make a huge difference?
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replied May 13th, 2011
If I were you, I'd look into a condition called vertical heterophoria syndrome (VHS). It's symptoms: anxiety, headaches, and inability to focus (ADD), can be treated with a pair of glasses. It's relatively nuts that your eyes could these symptoms, but if you google it and read the first website that comes up, and it sounds like you, then the fix is incredibly easy.

Also, if your first thought is that you've been to the optometrist and they say your eyes are fine, they might be wrong. The treatment was discovered 15 years ago and only 3 doctors in the US currently know how to diagnose and treat it.

Good luck on your road to better health!
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replied May 14th, 2011
hey, i can totally relate to that too, having both inattentive type ADD, social anxiety disorder and depression. at the present time i'm on 4 medications: celexa, ativan, wellbutrin and concerta.

first off, before you do anything, consult your doctor or A doctor. next time you see him/her be sure to mention what's been going on and how you dont find your present dosage of medication(s) have been helping.

personally, like i said, i'm on 36mg of concerta which is basically a time released form of ritalin that i only have to take once every morning. i was told by my psychiatrist that it has the ability to tackle both ADD and anxiety and if i stay on it, i should be able to decrease the use of ativan (for my anxiety.) and eventually be weened off ativan completely. i've only been on it for two months, but i feel it has worked wonders in that short time, so being we're in a similar situation, maybe ask your doctor about concerta?
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replied August 30th, 2012
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This ADD runs in my family. My father had it, but he just died. My elder brother dropped out of high school in 9th grade because everyone thought he was the dumbest kid on the planet. My son has it too and has been on vyvanse and adderall. I was sick lately and needed some ginger which I learned to love as a child, but this is the crystalized ginger (like candy and awfully hot). I too stared out the window, could never pay attention or anything in school, but when my mother introduced me to crystalized ginger, I became an A+ student. I have one year of college and married in 1975 and had to give back 2 full-ride scholarships. I am an A+ student because I learned to love crystalized ginger. Give it a try. Better than caffeine anyday!
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