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ADD and a gluten-free diet, true or false?

If you have ADD does a gluten-free diet help?
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I have ADD and have had it all my life. I considered taking meds, but the side effects are too risky. People say that a gluten-free diet will help my ADD, is this true? Please answer this, any input will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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First Helper MelNatureOptimized

replied December 20th, 2013
Would help that as well as many other things. What is taken into the body has much to do with how it will function. MSG, Hy-fructose corn syrup, There are many ingredients suspected to flair ADD and cause many other health issues (MSG, Hy-fructose corn syrup,Fluoride, some food dyes, excess sugar, just a few,many take decade to manifest the issue. Scientifically speaking no study has confirmed the claims so far. Some foods will make the ringing in the ears worse. Further research will show which is which. But the only things that really flairs "ADD" is not knowing what it is. It is a different thinking process very similar to an analytical thinker. It is not a disorder.

note::... If one has to accept that this is just my opinion and not fact that is fine. Science will state that ADD is a dis function and some sort of defect in the brain. This I fully understand however do not agree with it. My opinion does not have to be taken as fact and can even be ridiculed and said I don't know what I am talking about. That is fine and your choice to do so just as it is my choice to give an opinion. Being an adult with ADD and have learned, on my own, how to control it I believe I have place to speak.
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