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acute pancreatitis attack and beer?

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Okay so, last December (of 2007), I had a bout of acute pancreatitis. I only had about an average of 5 beers a week for about two months, and I never touched hard alcohol in my life, but then I decided to have 6 beers in one night just to see what being drunk was like (I've never gotten drunk prior to my pancreatitis attack). I ended up having an attack of acute pancreatitis that same night I had 6 beers. Both of my grandparents passed away due to cancer; one from pancreatic cancer, and one from stomach cancer, so I think the attack may have had something to do with genetics. It may have also been due to the fact that I downed all 6 beers in about 30 minutes, but then again I'm no expert with alcohol or anything so I don't know if I was drinking too fast or not.

Anyways, since then I have probably had a total of one glass of wine (little amounts from different occasions), and about half a bottle of guiness beer yesterday. I'm just wondering, do you think it's fine to have a beer here and there once in a while?
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replied October 16th, 2008
I forgot to mention that during this time in my life, I was a heavy marijuana user, smoking it almost daily as well as smoking so much that even my own house would seem foreign. If anyone is familiar with the effects of marijuana here, you know that it makes you VERY hungry.

Well, my favorite thing to eat when I was stoned was 5-7 eggo waffles flooded with syrup, with jelly and butter on them. I usually had this with milk, chocolate milk, or cranberry juice, but mostly chocolate milk. Seeing as how this lifestyle went on for a couple of months, you can only imagine how bad my diet was. Could this terrible diet contribute to the pancreatitis attack? I always thought that maybe my problematic diet was the cause and the 6 beers the trigger, because I was never too big of a drinker.

I'm 18 now by the way, was 17 when I had the attack, and have only gotten high a handful of times since I got out of the hospital. It gave me panic attacks the last couple of times I smoked it, so I'm completely done with the stuff.
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replied October 16th, 2008
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To protect against acute pancreatitis, prevent the disorders that cause it:

* Avoid aspirin when treating a fever in children, especially if they may have a viral illness, to reduce the risk of Reye syndrome.
* Do not abuse alcohol.
* Get genetic counseling if you would like to have children and you have a family or personal history of cystic fibrosis.
* Immunize children against mumps and other childhood illnesses (see: immunizations - general overview).
* Use proper safety precautions to avoid abdominal trauma.

I'd think that occasional consumption of alcohol would be OK, but be sure to ask you doctor on your next trip for a physical exam.
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