Hi all,

I've been ignorant and have had paid for sex. Each encounter I've have made sure the condom stayed on for intercourse and oral but only on one occasion around 2 n half month back i gave oral to her without condom.
Now since the symptoms i have developed is

leg muscle /knee join pain;
left arm and sometimes right arm pain;
In mornings i get back neck pain but gradually go aways after an hour;
Back pain;
Few days back I have flu with cold and bad phlegm filled (yellow) cough;
I appear to have lost a bit of weight.

Are these signs of acute HIV??? Please suggest as i am worried.

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replied December 27th, 2009
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Many of the symptoms you mention are not HIV related at all..back pain,neck pain,arm pain,etc..If you are truly worried the only answer is to get tested for not just HIV but all STDs..
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