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Acting drunk but not drinking?

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My father (59 years old) was a heavy drinker and smoker (he drank generally at nights not during the day). 14 days ago he gave up drinking and smoking.

What I observe is now he always acts like he is drunk. He has some short time memory problems, he seems disoriented and confused. He says and does things he used to say and do when he was really drunk.

Is this normal during the first stages of giving up the alcohol or should I be worried about other neurological diseases?

Thanks for your help.
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replied June 19th, 2012
Acting drunk days after drinking
My brother suffers from something similar, but also quite different. He is 27, and has been through many struggles with alcohol for a about 10 years or so. CIrcumstances have caused him to hit rock bottom on numerous occasions. A couple months ago we found him suffering from a seizure one day and took him to the hospital. I believe the diagnosis was that his frontal lobe was slightly enlarged from too much stress and a lack of sleep. In addition to the sleep deprivation and stress, he suffers greatly from depression, anxiety, rage, nausea, weakness, headaches, all of which we link back to his drinking. For a couple months now he limits the drinking to only on the weekends, which is better, but the most interesting symptom, we still can't seem to figure out. On Friday and Saturday he drinks and on Sunday he is sleeping for most of the day. But on for the next couple of days (generally towards the nights) he begins to act drunker and drunker. He gets a glazed expression in his eyes, he slurs his words, can't walk straight, his cognition is shot, and gets aggressive at times. At first we thought he was drinking in his room secretly, but we are fairly certain after some inquiring that this is not the case. I came across Alcohol Withdraw Syndrome during my research, which explained the seizure and some of the other symptoms. However, I was wondering if this also causes him to appear drunk. By Wednesday and Thursday, he seems to be back to himself and more or less reasonable.

Have you ever heard of something like this? Any answers will be appreciated.

Thank you so much.
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