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Acne with scalp psoriasis and hyperhidrosis

Iam 20 and i have acnes all over my face since 10 years. I have scalp psoriasis since 12 years and i have hyperhidrosis since 12-13 years and i feel like dying because i tried everything but get no relief in return. I have very ugly face
visited almost 6-7 doctors but no medicine suits me. My acne spots are so so dark red . They are clearly visible. I have holes all over my face. And above all i have major hairfall since 2 months. I loose almost 300+ strands per day . I literally feel like dying. I lost my beauty. My complexion is so fair. Earlier i was very famous for my features and facial beauty but now people refused to shake hands with me because i have very sweaty palms. I wet floor because of my sweaty feet. Please suggest me what to do. Especially this hairfall . My scalp is clearly visible now. I am afraid that one night i will loose all my hair and ended up being bald. Please help me Ma'm . Please help me to reduce my acne spots . I tried everything but nothing worked . How i cure these dark acne spots ? Please suggest me something. Iam so worried
Kindly reply.
Thank you for reading
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replied April 25th, 2017
Please reply I beg !
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