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Acne like dots under the glans

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I am a 36 year old male. I had oral sex with a girl that I knew very briefly about four months ago. For the past one month I have started to see acne like tiny pink dots on my penis, under the glans. They are very small 1mm in size and look exactly like acne. Around this time I also had Sinusitis. It is also in the middle of an extreme hayfever season, so I feel quite unwell as a result of that.

So I got into a General practitioner and had them have a look. I went through a full sexual health scan and was tested for: candida, herpes, HIV, hepetitis, and chlamadya.

Everything came back negative. Phew! So the doctor prescribed bactroban topical ointment. It appears that the spots are regressing after 7 days of use, however they have not fully disappeared.

What could it be? Is there an STD that I should still get tested for? Is my diagnosis complete?
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