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ACL surgery recovery time

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For those who have had surgery on a torn ACL, I am wondering what the recovery time is like?
I have heard everything from two weeks to 6 months and walking with a cane for a year :/
I know recovery is different for everyone, but Im curious what others have experienced.

For those who have gone through this surgery or know someone who has, my question is when can I return to school after surgery? My surgery will likely be booked for over Xmas break so I'll already have some time off, but it will prob be towards the end of Dec, and I would be starting my last semester of university a few weeks later. My issue is I commute to school with public transit, and I know myself that even when youre wearing a full leg brace, no one gives you a seat on the train! (personal experience over weeks of wearing a brace and being visably injured, no one cared to give a seat:/). I worry about how my knee surgery will hold up about 3-4 weeks after surgery if I have to stand for 40 minutes at a time on a jerking around train....will this even be possible for me 3-4 weeks after surgery? I really dont want to be missing my first weeks of classes or worse postponing my last semester...

How does the knee hold up 3-4 weeks after ACL surgery? Is returning to school after that time possible? This would entail standing for a 40 min commute (and then up some stairs and some blocks of walking to class), and then sitting for 1 - 3 hours at a time for a class. Is this do able 3 or 4 weeks after surgery or should I be prepared now to be missing the first weeks of classes?
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replied July 1st, 2011
Especially eHealthy

You are correct, everyone is different. But, in general, yes, you should be able to go to classes when they start. You may still be in a post-op brace. You may also want to use a cane when you travel to school, not because you will need it, but to protect yourself.

Everyone rehabs at a different rate, due to motivation, genetics (how fast you heal), the procedure performed (how much was repaired and what), etc, etc, etc.

But, you should be asking these questions of your surgeon. He/she is the one who knows what is exactly wrong in the knee and what is going to be done. He/she will be able to tell you his/her standard post-op protocol and expectations for the patient. Your surgeon is the best person to tell you all of this.

Good luck.
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