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ACL Reconstruction - Allograft vs. Autograft

I am a 30 y/o male, and tore my ACL 5 weeks ago while playing kickball (yes, adult kickball is a thing...). Other than kickball I also play indoor and beach volleyball year round. All the sports I do are at the intermediate level, and its more of a recreational activity for me (1-2x per week).

I saw the orthopedic surgeon who recommend surgery "whenever I feel comfortable," but recommended I don't wait over a year. My range of motion is still really good, running/biking, and non-pivoting motions are completely fine. MRI suggests that meniscus are intact, all the other ligaments are grossly in tact, but there is a little bit of bone bruising.

He recommended an allograft (cadaver Achilles tendon) for my replacement, although letting me know that a patellar tendon is an option as well . Being a worrier, I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject, and most people seem to opt for an autograft (patellar tendon or hamstring tendon). There is so much information on both the pros and cons of allo vs. auto grafts, that I assume I should just follow the docs advice.

I am most worried about the failure rate of allografts, it not being as strong, and lastly possibility of transmission of disease. He admitted that this is an on-going discussion between orthopedic surgeons as to what graft to use. I went into it thinking hamstring tendon, but he hesitates with that because the hamstring/quads are important for stability and does not want to weaken that muscle group. Patellar tendons come with the possible complication of future knee pain.

Sorry for long-winded message, just wanted to be thorough. Would love to hear thoughts about allograft vs. autograft, and especially from those who had an allograft (cadaver graft) post operation and how you're doing now.
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