I have significant enamel loss due to acidic saliva.(5.5 or lower) The Acid is not coming from my stomach, proven by esophageal ph probe testing.

I am/have had several teeth crowned to prevent further loss and for appearance sake.

It happens while I sleep.

My doctor and dentist are baffled.

Any ideas
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replied September 25th, 2010
this is simply because either u smoke a lot,,,,or u preference is acidic spicy foods ...drink soft drinks /carbonated drinks,,,,,or prefer sweet sugary food stuff... all these decrease salivary pH and make saliva acidic thereby harming tooth enamel and making them over sensitive....
another test is to see if ur wife complains of cuts at her lips corners after u kiss her real strongly...ensures u have acidic saliva...not gud for u neither for her...

take care
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