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3 months ago I was sitting and watching tv I got this burning sensation in the upper part of my stomach do to stress. I got real nauseous and went to lay down. After awhile I felt well enough to roll over on my back, just as I was about to doze off I jerked real hard and leaned forward. I felt something move across my upper abdominal area from the left to the right under my rib cage. It felt tender to the touch so I thought I pulled a muscle. So I rolled over on my right side. Soon after I could feel heat coming up from my stomach which was really strange. I got up the next morning and had trouble walking. The back of my mouth was blood red. My mouth felt like it was on fire. Can jerking like that cause a sliding Hiatal hernia. I still have tenderness in my upper abdomin when pressed on. The back of my mouth has cleared up a little bit but not completely. What did I do. I was completely fine the night before. Did I damage something by jerking like that. Haven’t felt the same since.

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