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Acid Reflux- now having problems swallowing food!

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I'm going to make this as short as possible without writing a book. Basically I've had a really bad flare up of acid reflux these past two months. in the beginning I was eating a soft grinded diet because solids didn't feel like they were going down right. even eating the soft food was bothersome at times, but I was able to deal. just thought this had something to do with my esophagus because of all the reflux. I had an endoscopy done about 3 weeks ago and GI doc told me I had no strictures and didn't mention narrowing, but told me to stay on the soft diet for a little while because I had esophagitis towards the bottom and gastritis until I took meds and felt better.

but after the endoscopy it felt like my reflux got worse, it was even burning my throat a lot more than usual. that's when I was put on the medication that is helping me somewhat now (dexilant) I still have bad days but I was told it could take awhile to really get under control. I was eating more soups and liquids during this time because of the throat aggitation.

now I've been having this KNOT/LUMP feeling in my throat ALL THE TIME, and a week ago I tried eating some grinded soft food again and the food felt like it was going down slowly again, or in my guess this symptom probably never went away. I can initiate a swallow fine, as liquids are no problem, but as soon as I swallow more solid foods, I feel it moving down very slow and sluggish and it's very bothersome/scary. The feeling is more in my upper throat area by my adams apple. I have stopped trying to eat the soft grinded diet as it's too much a hassle to eat now. I've been blending my foods in a blender and drinking ensures. but its depressing me. I feel like I'm not going to get better.

I'm going to be seeing an ENT about this next week, but I'm scared because I have read some peoples cases about the same issues with swallowing food and the ENT's/doctors couldn't find anything wrong and chalked it up to anxiety or made them seem like it was all in their head. why would I put myself through the agony of not eating solid foods for two months if I really could eat?

I'm only 27 years old and right before this acid reflux blow up I swallowed just fine, never had fears in swallowing food or had throat problems. I suffered from reflux off and on for the past 7 years but was never a huge problem and could control it. MY QUESTION IS: could the reflux be causing my swallowing issues, and in that case is this temporary? Or could this be a motility problem and do motility problems just come out of the blue? All of this didn't happen until my big flare up of acid reflux. Oh and I've also been having what it seems to be like MUCUS running down the back of my throat (POST NASAL DRIP) which I'm sure isn't helping the swallowing either.

I'm just scared and feel miserable. I worry that the doctors won't be able to help me since I have seen many people not getting any solutions. I haven't ate REAL SOLID FOOD in two months, and now have been on this complete liquid/blender diet for a week now. I JUST WANT TO EAT NORMAL AGAIN. My life feels like its falling apart, I haven't ate dinner with my family in 2 months. Is anyone going through this right now or has been through this? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I just feel so doomed.
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replied October 30th, 2011
i am an MBBS student ..had got a case same as yours..the subject/patient had problem .like feeling dificulty in swallowing...did some endoscopy...stuff like that...and if i am nt wrong he got discharged within a week....
so trust me go to some best ent in your place you r gonna be alright....

chillout , relax..dont get too nervous abt this...thank god that u dont hav any dangerous sicknesss;-)

joel jk
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