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Acid Reflux - Nissen Fundoplication - Some info please

I am looking for some information regarding the Nissen Fundoplication procedure. I am due to get this procedure done in the coming months to correct acid reflux. Can anyone tell me the approximate success rate of this procedure? I have read that they're are possible side effects after the proc. like inability to belch, vomit, and bloating. If you are ill they're are times when you need to vomit! Also, the one thing I don't understand with this procedure is the fact that the sphincter muscle or valve at the opening of the stomach is tightened. If reflux is caused by over production of acid then are you simple containing the excess acid within the stomach? Is reflux also caused by the sphincter muscle not working properly? I had two tests done that determined my eligability for the proc.: a manometry and a dual probe ph test. Does the manometry determine if the sphincter is working properly and preventing acid from exiting the stomach? I am a bit confused about the reasoning behind the operation, I can understand its use if the sphincter is not working but if the problem is due to excess acid production then are just simply plugging the hole and not dealing with the real problem.

I would appeciate and information that would help enlighten me with regards to this procedure.

Many thanks.
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replied January 13th, 2011
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Hi feelo...How were you being bothered with Acid Reflux?...I had the procedure done where they put you to sleep for a few second and look at the connection at your stomach...I also know of someone who had the procedure you speak about done and ran into problems...I, too, would be confused about this operation....Mine bothered me at night when I was sleeping....Take care..

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