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Acid reflux, nausea, vertigo, nasal congestion


I am a 29 years old healthy woman. I have acid reflux problem. 3 years ago I had an endoscopy and it showed normal but my doctor wanted me to do it every three years. He asked me to raise my bed and stop drinking coffee, alcohol and green tea. So I started a strict diet for a while and raised my bed. I also took Omiperazol for a long period of time per his prescription (more than 4 months). I was generally better at the time. I weighed 102 Ib. My height is 5 2.

Now three years after, I am experiencing really bad acid reflux episodes. I haven't been particularly careful about what I eat or my sleep position. The reason I am writing here is because I have also experienced certain other problems and I'd like to share and get opinions about.

I have a normal blood, TSH, Cholestral, blood count, sugar, etc. My doctor thinks I am ok but I have been feeling really weak lately. Acid reflux is hurting me a lot, I feel nausea almost all the time. I have recently experienced a really bad motion sickness. I cannot sit in a car. I will be sick for hours after even a short drive. I have vertigo sometimes. And yesterday and the day before I had really bad headache.

I am on Bupropion 200 SR and also birth control Yaz. I weigh 103.5 right now. Not sure if this would be relevant but I have TMJ and have limited mouth opening. Can that cause vertigo? I have had TMJ for almost a year.

I don't smoke, I barely ever drink. I don't drink coffee but I love green tea and I drink a couple green tea glasses per day. I don't eat chocolate or sweet things. But there is another weird thing about me that I don't quiet understand and might be a symptom. I crave really sour things at night. Sour fruity (like plums, and dried apricot) not lemon and not artificial flavors. I also really like Salt but not in the food. I add it to the sour stuff I crave and eat them. Most women I know love sweet flavors but not me. Is that a sign of a deficiency? I also have Vitamin D defiency which I taking supplements for.
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replied May 8th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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replied October 27th, 2011

I too am suffering from bad acid reflux symptoms and motion sickness. I’m 35 and like you, I’m healthy. I barely drink now and don’t smoke and have tried my best to cut down on coffee. I have followed all the suggestions to help acid reflux such as diet and raising the bed and am on a high dosage of Omeprazole. I’m not overweight and I exercise a lot. Yet the nausea is constant and I vomit in the mornings. My blood tests are normal and I don’t have h-pylori. The endoscopy showed a hiatus hernia and some inflammation.
Have you found anything that has helped the nausea yet?

Like you I’m doing everything I should be doing for reflux, but nothing is helping. I’m also more of a savoury person as opposed to sweet and I like sour stuff, although I can’t say I have the cravings like you do.

I’m feeling quite desperate, so if you have any advice I would be so grateful.
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replied November 26th, 2015
Acid Reflux / Nausuea / Anxiety / Chest Pain
Hello there,

I realize, this post is a couple of years old. How are you doing now ?

I read this post, and I could relate so much with your symptoms. The crux of my observation seeing lots of GIs and other physicians are as follows,

1. There is no medicine whatsoever to give you a cure from Acid Reflux Pain / Burning.
2. The PPI's and other Anti Acid will give you a temporary relief but its useless and damage causing in the long run.
3. Acid is weird. It gives trouble to different people in different ways. The lucky few just feel the burning sensation in tummy and little allied conditions.
4. For me, ohh boy, I get weird chest pain, which is so much like a heart attack. I will get Nausea, Anxiety, Sweat and what not.
5. Lifting any weight above says 4 Kgs can trigger fastest pain symptoms. Doctors say its just muscle problem and don't pay much attention to such pains. Its Like some muscle contracts in the abdomen area and then Terrible chest pain which causes so much heart attack like anxiety.

6. Dont even think about reading anything ( Laptop / mobile / newspaper) in a moving car or any other vehicle. Causes instant vomiting sensation, Nausea etc.

So put all normally, we have to make significant life style changes, I have. I feel relieved. I try to stay off medicines unless things really start to get out of control, and mostly let my body do the learning the art of healing by itself.

All said, following is what I do, try it slowly, give it time and let me know how you feel..

Every morning, empty stomach, I grade a medium size of ginger and boil it with water. I allow around 15 minutes of boiling until I see the ginger content mixed nicely with water. This, I think heals my entire GI track starting from esophagus to tummy and everything following. Such a relief from morning sickness. I also believe that because of this healing, the damage done by acid the other day is significantly reduced.

2. Slowly I have started adding lemon to this Ginger water. I add lemon to this water once I have emptied this water in a Glass, after boiling. DO not boil lemon . Squeeze about half a lemon in the glass. You can start with lesser quantity if you are allergic to lemon. Let the mixture settle up. Have it with or without sugar. Its a nice way to start your day.

3. I was a Tea addict atleast in the morning. I have realized if I replace my tea with this ginger water, I don't really have the urge to drink Tea / Coffee.

4. Now comes the usual day part, I drink warm water only. This somehow keeps me happy. Cold water, I believe is not appreciated by my body. I live in India, and sometimes, temperature here reaches around 48 degree Celsius or say 120 F. Even then, I avoid cold water.

5. I try to eat lots of vegetables which ensures nice motion. I believe, a good motion is absolutely imperative for relief from Acid Reflux, I dont know if there is any theory to prove this but I am sure whenever my motion are messed up, My acid reflexes go crazy. I get shoulder pain, Chest pain and what not. Its like gas gets trapped in different part of the body and you get all the symptoms which relates to Heart attack condition.

6. When Facing acid reflux, Get off Wheat/ Bread / pasta. Although its real good source of roughage, but I believe, while you are suffering from Acid Reflux Pain, Substituting Rice as your main diet really helps. Once you are normal, please get back to wheat. Wheat is really nice to maintain nice bowel movements.

7. Exercise regularly, start with short walks. you have to get the system moving. The more you sit down, worse things get. I am not asking you to start running. I dont. But I make sure to have sufficient Cardio everyday. I read some doctor saying somewhere, " I would rather have my patients acid reflux than heart attack. Its easy to control acid reflux from exercise. We have medicines for it" Also, there's this thing when you exercise your body produces few hormones which are magical and heals you in million ways. Also, please consult a physio guy. Stretching gives me instant relief from pain in the chest caused by weight lifting / acid reflux / muscle pull.

Now about vertigo. Hmm.. couple of days back, in morning I got up for washroom, and boy, I could see the whole wash room going in circles. like round and round. I forced vomited once thinking that it will get better. I think I shouldn't have done that. Anyway, Went to ER. Two ER actually. Doctor said medically I was Fine. Two Neurologist suggested this to be an Inner ear infection and ergo no cure for it. Yes!! on my face..

Its been there happening to me on and off. I have noticed that this is mostly related to my food intake. Whenever I overeat ( I do that a lot, and I love it) or I eat Spicy food or anything which my body didnt like, I get vertigo / Nausea sensation. Also, Lack of sleep / irregular sleeps can trigger this too

so, It does drive me crazy. I am just 27, Male, but I have learned, as long as my tummy is happy, I feel healthy. The moment I have any tummy issues, my life slows down.

So watch what you eat. Remember things your body tells you it does not like and then avoid that.

All what I said is as per personal experience. I am not a doctor. Please check for allergies first before trying any of the stuff I said above.

How I am sure that I have Acid Reflux, Once I went to an ENT, relating to a pain in my right ear, after examining my throat, he immediately said that I have severe case of acid reflux. Coming that from an ENT, I was sure that Its Acid only which has been troubling me like forever Smile
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